June 25th, 2008

Derren Brown - blank

Most Unproductive Day EVAR.

Apart from going out to turn our bags of pennies into real money and use them to pay off some of the credit card bill, I've spent the entire day in front of the PC. The majority of that was spent ripping CDs to the hard drive (firstly using CD Grabber, then using WMP because it filled in the track numbers for me...) and then trying to get various attempts at FTP to work.

Cute FTP will not patch properly. I realise this serves me right for using pirated software, but still. So I attempted to find some freeware FTP and failed on all accounts. (Plz to be noting, various website people: do not claim something is "free" if in fact you mean "30-day trial". Thanking you.) Then remembered David copied me Dreamweaver some time ago. The FTP function on there is hellaciously awful, combined with Vista's weird file management system, but eventually I managed to upload the thing I wanted to.

Which was this. The prequel to my movie script, pre-renaming, and my Writing & New Technologies coursework. It was originally hosted on Brinkster before they deleted my account, so here it is again.

I should probably not spend the rest of the evening at the PC, really. But it's so preeeeeetty!