July 1st, 2008

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Ow Feet...

A while ago I finally succeeded in my seemingly endless quest for a pair of sandals which were not any of the following:

(a) Flipflops
(b) Stilettos
(c) Brightly coloured
(d) Too wide
(e) All of the above
(f) Frumpy

Basically, a pair of flat, black sandals without toe posts and preferably with an ankle strap. You honestly would not believe how difficult it is to find some. Apparently, if you don't fit into categories (a) to (e) above, you are clearly Too Old to be wearing pretty sandals and are relegated into category (f), where the only options are horrible granny-style affairs in interesting shades of beige.

Anyway, I did find some in Shoe Zone, eventually. Flat with a slight wedge at the back, and the upper entirely made of knotted black elastic. They looked remarkable comfy and on trying them on the shop seemed to be so.

So, as today is a nice day, I am wearing a skirt (it's even white), sleeveless top and said sandals - first time all year, in fact - and obviously, they hurt like absolute buggery. Whoever thought the elastic was a good idea clearly needs their brain re-wiring.

I mean, I have REALLY narrow feet, and they're still digging in something awful. I have knot impressions on the tops of my feet. God help anyone with wide or fat feet. Unless that would be better because they wouldn't be pressing on the tendons...

So I have to go and find some more sandals at lunchtime, oh joy. I think I spotted some at Deichman yesterday which looked quite nice, even if they DID have toeposts (if I have to, I'll concede...), but I'm sure they had plenty of others, too. I also saw a nice pair in Primark the other day, though the likelihood of being able to find them again is pretty slim. :P

I suppose I can always stick these on ebay rather than add them to my list of Uncomfortable Shoes Reserved for Hobbling From Taxis... they're not nice enough for that. Unless anyone wants them? They're a UK size 4.

In other news, there WAS plenty of work for us this morning, but apparently not for anyone else, so there has been lots of enthusiastic 'help' since 10.15. And now there's nothing, obviously. Bah.
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Listy meme.

Stolen from pandorasblog

01. Bold what's true.
02. Leave plain what's false.
03. Add one of your own at the end.

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I got some new sandals. Had to get a size 3 because they didn't have a 4, but they'll do. I'll probably switch back into my others to walk home because these have toe straps and need walking in a bit more, which I might do around the house. For now they are not destroying my feet...
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