July 2nd, 2008

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Random Snippets of Inspiration

My brain was doing that thing this morning where it threw little tiny snippets of story inspiration at me, for no apparent reason.

Firstly, I've been re-reading (or trying to finish reading, as Uni got in the way last time) Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors (currently halfway through "The Goldfish Pool..." which is the reason Lloyd gave me a copy) and for some reason this morning I was half-inspired to write a follow-up to the one whose title escapes me, Collapse ) That's honestly all I had.

Then, listening to "He Had It Comin'" from Chicago, specifically the bit where Velma tells her story, I was struck with something about when she does the deed. Just sort of vague, "nothing behind the eyes" type ramblings, as she reaches for something heavy to beat them to death with...

Finally, for some unknown reason, I was thinking about EastEnders and a line from a recent instalment from Stacey's mum, Jean. It was something along the lines of "I'm still me, underneath the illness and the pills", and I suddenly imagined an early part of Stacey's childhood, before everything went wrong and her mum wasn't crazy. It was only fleeting, of course, and nothing more than that. Very odd.

None of the inspirations are solid enough to do anything with. In retrospect they very much feel like half-waking dreams because I was pretty zoned out this morning listening to my MP3-player. The sheer randomness and scope of the ideas is what struck me more than the ideas themselves.

It's strange when it happens. I haven't written anything in a while (haven't updated the UB fic since late May, I think, even though I'm just about to get into the more juicy shippy stuff) other than a few random lines here and there for various fics, and at times like this it's almost as though my Muses are popping up to remind me they're still around.

In other, completely unrelated news, I forgot to mention that our new PC is named Aurora. This is purely because when we first turned it on, Vista went through various settings, including a name and desktop background. The first background which looked vaguely interesting was a view of the Aurora Borealis (or similar) and that's entirely where the name came from, and it's stuck. I think this is the first PC I've ever named, "The Beast" aside. The free one we inherited had been named Gollum. ;) Since computers get PMT, they are quite obviously female. :P

Also, I had the strangest PDR ever on Monday. 15 minutes of it was spent actually talking about work and completing the PDR sections, whilst the rest involved me telling Marie where to visit when she goes to Paris - she made me write things down - and various mental health / wimmins-type stuff. We were discussing the Pill in a very girly-chat kind of way and, since I've not had a period since February on my new Pills, she made me write those down as well.

Collapse )

I think that's more than enough. I shall post this one before I find something else to ramble about.