July 3rd, 2008

PotC - eurothrashed - rumgone

New shoes.

Barratts were having a sale, and I am weak...

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I was meant to go to translucent's Magenta close harmony evening tonight, but I'm so bloody tired I've had to call it off. Not to mention I didn't get home til 6.30 thanks to above-mentioned spending spree and having to drop my prescription off and walk home from the surgery... the combination of first week back and it being a Thursday mean I'm just bloody exhausted. Which also probably accounts for the spending. Still £21 for the lot, including some jelly toe-post squishy barrier things which I'm hoping will make my Monday-purchased sandals a bit more comfortable... although I think they're softening a bit already.

Gah, I'm rambling.

I shall sign this off. Leave me a comment if you want either of the latter two pairs of shoes/boots...