July 4th, 2008

Cabaret - Maybe This Time

Semi-Exciting Prospect...

I receive regularish emails from Derby University as an ex-student, informing me of mostly pointless information. Except the last one was actually quite interesting.

They are now doing an MA Humanities course, for those of us who graduated with our degree in English, Creative Writing, Media Studies, etc. It's 1 year or 2 part time, and £180 per module (of which there are 12) and you get a discount for being an ex-Derby graduate.

The prospect of this is quite exciting. Obviously there's no way I could afford it now, and I'd probably have to do it part time unless I come into some money to tide me over for a year, but still. I wouldn't be able to move back to Derby (booo!) unless Paul was willing to rent there for a year / find a job there, but at least the commute isn't too bad. In the absence of having anything resembling a plan for the rest of my life, putting it off for another couple of years by hiding behind academia sounds very appealing.

I have no idea when I could do it, though, or whether I'd even still have the brainpower to be able to succeed at it. I sort of... fumbled through my degree, really, and don't know if I have the dedication to do an MA, especially as I still have no plan for what to do afterwards.

Hm. It requires a lot of thought, but the potential is something, at least. The MA course isn't going anywhere, after all.

I am SO TIRED today. Still 25 minutes until hometime, too. And today has been crazy busy for some reason... Paul has a very busy weekend. Gig tonight; house-party Saturday; surprise party on Sunday. And my mum is bringing over David's old telly for us on Sunday so that should cause all manner of fun chaos in trying to get the old unit upstairs into the attic along with all the videos...
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