July 7th, 2008

Photo - Atget mouth door

A Mostly Pleasant Weekend

And also not quite as insanely busy as anticipated...

On Friday night, Paul went out to see a gig at the Station. Around 9.30 he texted to say he was going back to Richie's afterwards, and I killed time by finding Day of the Tentacle to try out on DOSBox. I can't remember what time I went to bed, but in any event woke up at 2.30am to find him still not back. And, being somewhat half-awake, phoned him up and demanded he come home because I hadn't anticipated him staying out quite so late. Which resulted in a less than pleasant discussion a few minutes later, obviously, and some awkwardness the next morning as well, but at least the air had cleared by the afternoon.

Of the evening Paul was supposed to be going to a house party in Stoke, which was apparently meant to have a barbecue, except I suspect the rain called off play. He didn't go in the end, as it transpired, due to toothache. Also, I'd put some washing out to try in the frankly glorious weather that morning, only to have to rush it back inside when the heavens opened three hours later. *shakes fist* Curse you, weather god!

last_dance came over that evening (by bike, which was incredibly impressive), whereupon I fed her bolognese and we watched Sweeney Todd, followed by The Never-Ending Story II, as Naomi had also come along so I could return her copy of the novel, having borrowed it about four years ago... Paul joined us for the second film and wow. SO CONFUSING. It's like they took a few random elements of the book and attempted to force a plot out of them. Plus they missed out my favourite bit about the 'Many-Coloured Death' and when Bastian wishes himself to be King of the Night Forest, which I felt was a bit of a cop-out because I was looking forward to seeing how it translated to film. Meh.

It was very odd, though. We couldn't make any sense at all of what was happening. Yes - three reasonably intelligent adults failed to decipher a children's film.

Sunday was mostly sedate, with the afternoon taken up with a surprise party for Paul's brother Darren, who has recently achieved his Doctorate. So that was quite nice. Afterwards Paul and I decamped to his mum's house for a bit, half-watching the A Bit of Fry & Laurie marathon that Noel had already started, before getting a taxi back around 11.00, and then ordering in a take-away.

Unfortunately, thanks to a combination of buffet food, the two smoothies I had and the two bottles of flavoured perry, my IBS has returned with a vengeance today. I haven't had proper fibre intake for a few days, too, so the 'diet' must start properly again this week. I'm going to have the bike off Paul's mum but need to get a bicycle pump before I can ride it, so need to pop down there one of the days to bring it home. We were going to take it last night but didn't think it would fit in the taxi...

Anyway. I'm feeding my stomach probiotic yoghurt and dried cranberries in the hope of flusing the badness out. Yay.

PS: Now that I have a functional PC / DVD drive again, I need to make some Tim Burton-themed icons. Ohyes.