July 11th, 2008

Chicago - cell block tango

Movie meme and other things

I stole this from pandorasblog, again!

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That's enough ramble.

This week has been quite annoying quiet at work, even today with half the typists off... Busy weekend this week. Possibly the new telly coming on Saturday morning and also the rest of the black bookcase, so tonight or tomorrow we need to move the white bookcases somewhere else to make room, and get the wardrobe o' videos up into the attic... JOY! Also, a trip to Iceland for one of their party bags to save having to make any actual effort for party food for the evening (save for making some cakes, probably), and renting of movies for same.

For all those coming - depending on all of the above, the start time may change from 6.00 to 7.00, and I'll probably text you if it does, so just a heads-up. Depends how quickly everything gets done / whether or not we get the telly.

Next week also we're probably going to a barbecue at my grandmother's church, as she reminded me of the date last night. This will doubtless entail the entire army of Quinton Women's Guild fussing over me because they haven't seen me in nearly 10 years, although thankfully I don't think I've gotten any taller so will not have to contend with the "haven't you grown?!"s which are usually so prevalent. Still, it should be in equal parts interesting and horrifying, but where there is barbecued food, there shall I be.

Aaanyway, I shall post this and get on with some work.
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Who needs manly men?

Not me, that's who!

I just moved the bookcase/s on my own, i.e. two bookcases one on top of the other to make one. I want the black bookcase which should appear at some point to go where the white ones currently are, which is at the top of the stairs, so had to move the white ones to the bottom of the attic stairs instead. Oddly enough, this occurred in much the same manner as the first time... except with additional books. I cleared the top bookcase by laying each shelf's books in a row, then upended it and placed it where it needed to be, and wedged it with some pieces of corrugated cardboard to stop it leaning forwards. Then I put the books from the other bookcase onto the moved one, which is now the bottom rather than the top.

Then came the fun part. I upended the second bookcase (previously the bottom one) up the step and then hoisted it onto the swivel chair for the PC, then hauled it up onto the other one. I did think I was going to drop it at one point and my knees hurt now (meh??), but I managed it anyway. And then put the other books back on to the bottom-now-top bookcase. And then vaccumed the space where it had been, rearranged the rug, etc. And then BANGED SOME NAILS into the wall in order to hang some pictures, which was more fun than the heavy lifting. ;)

Raaah, I am strong! *flexes muscles* I will doubtless regret it tomorrow, and obviously I haven't had any food because Paul is out for drinks, but aaanyway, it's done. Assuming it doesn't rain tomorrow we have the less pleasant task of getting all the videos and the wardrobe / TV unit up into the attic, and I have no clue where it's going to go, quite frankly... I suppose it'll just have to block the window for now, or something.

Now I am going to sit here and die quietly, thank you. :)