July 23rd, 2008

Derren Brown - mind reader

Calling upon the Collective Brain...

Paul and I have booked / will be booking (in his case) the Friday off before the August bank holiday, as Council Tuesdays no longer exist. :(

Anyway, we intend to use that Friday to rearrange the attic furniture so the wardrobe/TV unit will fit up there, and after that we are hopefully planning to spend the rest of the extended weekend somewhere nice.

I have no idea where, though.

Give me suggestions!


1. Not too far.

2. Reachable by public transport, given we'll be coming home on a bank holiday.

3. Preferably picturesque / quiet / seaside / all of the above.

4. Not too expensive to find a B&B / local amenities.

My two last resorts are Tewkesbury (there's a Wetherlodge there) or Derby at a push if only because I know my way around and the students will all have buggered off home. ;)

Any ideas, anyone?

The first two criteria are the most important. I want to book it soonish so we can actually find somewhere.

Oh, and have a Public Service Announcement:

Birmingham Town Hall are playing Nosferatu with a live organ accompaniment on Friday, 31 October 2008 (Hallowe'en, woo!). If you want to see, I suggest booking it quickly, because the Town Hall sucks ass in terms of capacity.

Must remember to book Cabaret and Mary Poppins when paid on Monday.

That is all.

Your help would be much appreciated. :)