August 13th, 2008

Buffy - sanity

Calming Down...

Note to self: don't go to bed angry. You will feel slightly better first thing on waking, but this will turn into petty irritation an hour or so later.

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Meh, I have three different sets of tickets to book and no bloody money, and I'm not supposed to be using the credit card any more until some more is paid off, especially as the Asda spend has gone out. I suppose I can just put them on there for now and pay it off next month. In which case, I should probably get them booked this weekend. And I still need to buy a printer and a replacement remote control for the DVD player, because ours broke the other week and we only have basic functionality on the front of the machine.

Thank goodness its an early day for me today. And also lunchtime.

End point: anything which makes me question my own self-worth, no matter how pointless or apparently trivial, is a thing to be avoided. Unfortunately it takes the damage being done for me to realise that.

PS: I was semi-inspired to write a PotC:AWE fanfic last night. It would be an alternative-ending to the sequence where Collapse )

I may well write it, but that depends on whether the images turn into anything more. Last night's mental horribleness kind of beat the Muse into hiding, which was wholly unfair given my current (lack of) writing habits, AGAIN. I REALLY need to update "Strange Glue".