August 20th, 2008

Random - Cutlery

A Recipe, and Other Things

Only two more days at work, hurrah! Since everyone jumped all over the Bank Holiday Tuesday (which, thanks to Single Status, we no longer get as standard) like vultures, I have booked Friday off instead. We'll be spending the majority of it moving furniture in the attic to try and make room for the wardrobe/unit - odds the weather will be glorious just to spite us? Ah, well - even if it is, I can put washing out whilst we move the furniture.

Oh, if anyone wants them, I have a couple of email vouchers: 2-for-1 at Pizza Express until the end of August, and 2-for-1 at Zizzi (Italian, I think) until the end of September. Let me know in comments with your email address if you would like either of them.

More experimental cooking last night. I haven't given it a name, so:

Collapse )

It tasted quite interesting, although it does have the rather unfortunate appearance of fresh BRAINS, or something out of a horror film. :)

No work again today. Thankfully, I can leave early, as it's a Wednesday.

On the way home I must remember to get butter, lightbulbs (yes, again!), probably bread, deodorant, and milk.

And that's about it.
PotC - Pirate!

Pirates fic.

I've bitten the bullet and posted the first chapter of my Pirates fic on FFN.

Here Be Monsters.

Er, that's the title, not just a portent of doom, by the way. ;)

So much for it being a one-shot, huh? Not sure quite where to place the ending of part two just yet, but I thought I'd put the beginning out there for public consumption at the very least...

Aaanyway. As ever, writing is a rather alien concept for me at the moment, so reading of it would be appreciated. Oh, and it's Jack/Liz pairing, if you hadn't figured it out already.