August 21st, 2008

Random - Oblivion wheels

Tags, etc.

I think I shall re-tag my LJ this weekend - assuming I can get near the PC, that is. *rolls eyes* I decided to do this a while ago, admittedly, but a dream last night inspired me to actually get it done. My tags are a bit shambolic - I keep renaming them and then forgetting I've done it, hence hending up with two different types.

I've had three reviews on the PotC fanfic thus far, one of which from a very helpful lady who advised me on tips for Tia Dalma's accent, so I'm going to edit the first chapter with her suggestions and email her the bits I have in the second chapter. I love her accent, but it's very hard to emulate. At least Barbossa just talks like a clichéd pirate. ;)

As for the dream last night (or this morning, technically), the only part I can remember - perhaps the only part there was - involved PotC. That's what I get for working on fic before bed, clearly. And also for making a start on reading the quite marvellous redux_08 last night (AWE re-written with better mythology, background and Sparrabethness! :D)

Anyway, Collapse )

And that's why I suddenly have the urge to go through my LJ and tag it properly. I'll have had the bloody thing seven years in September, mind you, so it'll be an ongoing process...

Is that blue sky I can see in the air? Will wonders never cease?! It's only, y'know, August... I told you the weather would clear up just in time for my moving furniture tomorrow. It MOCKS me. It does.

As a final note, I bought the 'New York' Impulse body spray last night (another of their 'limited edition' scents, though they've been around about a year now) as it was the only one I hadn't tried, and it appears to contain a particularly noxious chemical which is making my asthma flare up. *sigh* It's either that or the constantly changing weather lately. *shakes fist at Britain*