August 25th, 2008

Photo - rainbow

Bank Holiday.

Mmm, four-day weekend. Most of which has been unproductive but sociable, so not an entire loss.

Friday - we rearranged the attic, which didn't take as long as anticipatd. The wardrobe is now storing all the videos and some boxes, thus clearing floor space, and the television is plugged in, to prepare for such an eventuality that we get a console of some description or an aerial at the very least, so that if people stay over they can watch it. :P

Most of the rest of Friday I spent finishing the redux_08 community. OMG, so good. Epic, but brilliant. I just couldn't put it down. I advise all others who were disappointed in At World's End to have a look - especially if you are of the Jack/Elizabeth school of thought. ;)

On Saturday I met up with Alison and we went to Kings Heath park for a bit, where we chatted and watched toddlers running about the place. Quite a nice day, weather-wise. Paul and I also watched the Simpsons movie in the morning on Sky Premier.

Yesterday we met up with Denise and Lloyd and not Derek, and subsequently Lorna and Bethan and several other people. I ran out of energy pretty quickly, though, for some reason, and we sloped off after a couple of drinks. One more drink in Bacchus and then home via Blockbuster to pick up some films. Once back we watched the first of them, Funny Games US, which was good, if a little slow and strange. I want to see the original UK version even if the American one is shot-for-shot, just because.

Oh, yes - also yesterday I encountered the biggest spider I've EVER seen outside of a pet shop, sitting on the reverse side of the voile at the windows. I thought it was a daddylonglegs at first because of the general shape of it, and then realised what the Hell it was. Needless to say, I legged it. Paul attempted to catch it, but apparently it ran away behind the wardrobe. Meh. I've been horribly paranoid ever since. *shudders* I'm amazed I managd to get out of the bedroom, in actual fact, as usually I end up frozen in terror at the very sight of the bloody things. Perhaps I'm getting slighty better...

Later today we having Lisa up for dinner, and that's about it. I'm still bloody knackered, though - four-day weekends are clearly not good for me.

The re-tagging of my journal didn't happen, either. Ah well, it's an ongoing process...