September 2nd, 2008

Cabaret - Mein Herr


This entry is of no consequence except to say that choir restarts tonight and thankfully, I am neither knackered nor stroppy, which makes a change. :) I will probably be horrendously tired by the end of rehearsal, and my not-quite-a-cough has decided to return for no apparent reason, which should make actually attempting to sing quite interesting.

This entry is merely a to-do list for myself so I don't forget these things:

  • Book concert ticket for Keith.
  • Arrange who wants tickets in immediate family/friends and book those too.
  • Photoshop Vicky's flower-tattoo design.
  • Redo LJ layout.
  • DON'T FORGET TO GO TO CABARET ON THURSDAY NIGHT. (I probably won't, but you know.)

That'll do pig.

We just had our BEST meeting, which was actually fairly productive, and - like all of our other team meetings - tinged with a hint of silliness. It's one of those "you-don't-have-to-be-mad-to-work-here..." situations. I have managed to get myself lumbered with the responsibility of being our fund-raising / charity monitor because I suggested we should do more charity work. Am considering turning Talk Like A Pirate Day into a possible charity venture (though possibly only with dressing like a pirate) to raise money for a suitable cause, e.g. Shelter or Save the Children... we'll see. I'll probably chicken out at the last minute.

Right. 40 minutes to kill before I can leave. Best post this and get on with some work, really...