September 5th, 2008

Cabaret - Maybe This Time

Cabaret, etc.

It were good. And, thankfully, free of screaming toddlers. ;) This entry will not be particularly insightful because a) I'm knackered and b) my finger hurts because I broke the skin around my nail, so typing is a bugger.

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That's all I can say. I did warn against the lack of substance.

I didn't end up stage-door-stalking Mr Sleep because my stomach was playing merry hell and I just wanted to lie down. I over-indulged horribly yesterday without intending to... I had a Pret cookie for breakfast, which will ordinarily last me until lunchtime quite easily. Except then there was birthday cake (sickly, buttery birthday cake of cakely deliciousness) downstairs, and home-made samosas (mmmm, samosas) on our floor, and it all went to hell. I had my lunch at lunchtime, and we went to Zizzi to make use of the voucher for dinner before the show, even though I wasn't hungry, after which my stomach was bloated, painful and making interesting noises... :(

If I'd been feeling well, I would have gone to find the stage door, but I just couldn't face it. I am more than happy to have seen Wayne Sleep performing in something, though, especially as I managed to miss him playing the Child Catcher in Chitty....

Today I am having a HUNGRY day. Or it could be wind, I don't know. ;) Thankfully the worst of the stomach grumbliness has passed today. I also have sniffles because of the damned weather. I concede; the heating is going on.

Also, I went into Primark yesterday lunchtime to buy a bra. Er, which you all wanted to know. ;) The one I was wearing was annoying me by being entirely the wrong shape, so I just had to get a new one and Primark was cheap and easy. I also managed to find a black / dark grey zip-up hoody, finally, though had to dig for one in a size 12 - and Primark's bizarre sizing fails again. It's practially too small - all my other size 12 tops from there have been fine. CONSISTENCY. Learn it.

Anyway. I treated myself to a M&S lunch today and there is tabbouleh in my wrap. :)