September 14th, 2008

Daffyd - Wide Eyes

I has a bysikkle.

We popped down to visit Paul's mum yesterday, as it had been a while, and also because the weather had finally cleared up enough to go and get the bike. So, off we went, equipped with a bicycle pump.

Quite a pleasant afternoon. We watched telly (including X-Factor and nattered a bit about films we'd seen, and then left around 8.30. Unfortunately, one of the cats, Tricksy, came to sit next to me and my right eye flared up horribly, despite taking antihistamines before leaving (for once). I suspect the cold tablets I'd also taken dampened the effects or something. It's even still swollen a little this morning; I look like I've been punched in the face. :(

I rode the bike back from the top of Vicarage Road (not up Fordhouse Lane because it was a hill) and despite an incident of the chain falling off when I dropped into first gear (meh), it wasn't too painful. About three-quarters of a mile, I think it was. My legs felt a bit wobbly afterwards, but a bath fixed that right up. This morning I feel okay except for my arse, which feels a bit bruised from the seat. Afterwards I was hyper and full of adrenaline, but it's been a while since I did any proper exercise.

My plan is (after I put the chain back, as it fell off a second time halfway down our road) to try and go out on it for about half an hour every couple of days until I get back into the flow of it, and then as often as possible, with some trips out at weekends to the park or something. When me and herringprincess start swimming again I will probably even try and cycle to swimming. :)

It's just annoying the summer has been a complete write-off, or I could have started cycling about a month ago.