September 16th, 2008

Photo - Sunset orange


Cold is still present and correct, although I feel better now than I did at 3.30 this morning...

We had pizza last night because neither could be bothered to cook. Tonight Paul has to do a large amount of washing up (my nice clean kitchen didn't last long :P) and the stir-fry that we were going to have yesterday, using the remainder of the beef joint from Sunday.

After the pizza I messed around with Super Mario a bit more and went to bed at about 9.30, and decided to make a start on my X-Files re-watch, so got through "Pilot" and "Deep Throat" (that title always looks so filthy; couldn't they have come up with a better code name for the character?)

I actually fell asleep relatively quickly, but then woke up at 3.20am needing the loo, and took about an hour and a half to get to sleep again because I couldn't get comfortable. So, even though I feel slightly better this morning - at least compared to last night - I'm absolutely exhausted. Thankfully there's work to do so I can stay awake.

I bought some Benylin Night & Day tablets this morning and they're actually working, unlike Sainsbury's own cold tablets. I've also got a 1-litre carton of orange juice for a vitamin C hit. Apparently 200ml provides 75% of one's RDA of vitamin C, and I've had nearly 750ml. There's no such thing as too much vitamin C, is there? I mean, it's not going to kill me?

(I've probably boosted my immune system for about a year, though. :P)

Also, I'm not going to choir tonight. It's the open rehearsal for a start, so it'll be overcrowded and extended by 15 minutes. My original plan was to leave at the break, but it's probably best not to try and sing whilst I'm sneezing everywhere, and it's not very fair to pass the germs on to everyone else, either...

Thank goodness, it's nearly lunchtime... I might have a baked potato.
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