September 18th, 2008

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I totally forgot to post this yesterday, but:

As of today, I've been at this job for two years.

As of yesterday, my LiveJournal is seven years old.

I'm not entirely sure which of those is scarier. ;)

I will hopefully be going to see The Sound of Music for my birthday, but we just need to find a cheap B&B... which don't seem to actually exist in the middle of London, alas. They're cheaper on the outskirts but also miles from any tube stations.

There will more than likely be some form of drinkingness arranged but I'll figure that out nearer the time.
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Funny / freaky cat videos...

Kiwi posted this one on Facebook. It literally had me in hysterics...

And this is a strange talking cat. A lot of the 'talking cat' videos on YouTube are just cats meowing in a vaguely 'conversational' fashion, but this is just plain weird...

The blurb from whoever posted it reads:

My cat can say hello, she only does it when shes looking for you though once you call her or she sees you she'll stop so I had to set the camera up and leave it for awhile until she did it.
She does this at least 10 times a day shes does it in the morning when she wants us to get up, in the night when shes bored and wants us to get up and when shes finished eating and want to know what room were in (which is what shes doing in this video hence the lip licking, shes cleaning them).
Its nothing to do with hairballs as she never coughs up a hairball after doing it
Its not because shes in heat she was spayed around 14 years ago, shes 16.

Heres what I think its sounds like shes saying:
"Hello, Hello, Hello, I Know Hello, Hello Hello Hello. Hello. I'm Alone, I'm on my own, I'm Alone, I know hello."

When my mum and I had Paws, there were a couple of occasions when he was heard to say "Mummy". He only did it twice that I can remember, and both times were on the way back from the vet or the kennels, whilst he was in the travel cage. I don't mean it was a meow that sounded like the word, it was the actual word.

And someone else heard it, too. We had someone else pick him up once and afterwards, she said... "Er... this will sound crazy, but... does he usually talk?"

Paws would only say "Mummy" if he was frightened, presumably because he'd heard me saying it as a kid when I needed something.

He also used to say "no", but I think most cats manage that one. :)

Apparently one of our other cats learnt to impersonate the magpies, too. Cats are weird, but fun. :)