September 22nd, 2008

MH - little boy lost


Two of them this weekend, but before that: Heaven forefend, but the weather has actually been *gasp* warm. I got washing done! Imagine that!

Also, Paul made a valiant attempt at mowing the lawn, but couldn't find the extension lead so could only get so far down the garden, and also it seems to have turned into a jungle because of all the rain lately. The plants by the back door have taken over the path and the entire thing has become a veritable neighbourhood of spiders. :(

Aside from that and going out for shopping - I decided to make the mushroom-chicken-gorgonzola thing for tea, so had to get mushrooms... Lidl didn't seem to have vegetables other than potatoes, for some reason - we didn't do very much. I've been trying to pwn Super Mario level 6, but the boss level is impossibly difficult, and at some point I need to go back to level 2 and defeat the boss in a different way to open up level 4. (If you go through it normally, it goes 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 6 - 8, with 4 and 7 having to be opened in a certain way from levels 2 and 5 respectively. Madness.)

In the evening we rented Southland Tales because Paul really wanted to see it. Collapse )

Yesterday evening, on a slightly less confusing and more harrowing note, we went to see The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Collapse )

On that note, I will stop, or this entry will never end

Paul has complained that we seem to have been accidentally inundated with Nazis lately, first with Cabaret (I had "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" stuck in my head yesterday...) and now with this. He thinks there's something wrong with me, but it was purely unintentional. :P Perhaps I should let that element of The Sound of Music be a surprise? ;)

In other news, I'm getting my hair trimmed after work. It's done that thing where it's gone from manageable to impossible within the space of a week. I'd forgotten the drawback to keeping it short. ;) I may dye it black again, so watch this space...

As you may have guessed by the length of this entry, there's very little to do at work again today... so I shall post this before it gets out of hand. ;)
Edward - butterfly

Step a-WAY from the internet.

I have just purchased Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (the book) by John Boyne, and also the His Dark Materials trilogy in a boxed set, all from Amazon. BitSP was £4.20, and the HDM trilogy was about £15.00. :)

Considering I bought three recipe books and Child C (the autobiography of the foster child who suffered great physical / emotional abuse at the hands of his carer, which was in the news about a year ago, I believe) this afternoon, I am in no position to be buying any more books. I've bought loads which I still haven't read, and I'm trying to work through the bookcase in alphabetical order, which doesn't work when I buy more bloody books. :P I may give up on that, because I really really REALLY want to read White Teeth when I've finished Brighton Rock, and I've got Kim Woodburn's autobiography (another abusive childhood story) and another Tracy Chevalier and two Rosie Thomas and countless others to get through, and I STILL haven't read the final two Harry Potters.

I need to stop buying books. I'm turning into my mother. ;)

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Er... I think I should go to bed. My fingers are attached to some superfluous and over-analytical part of my brain today...