September 25th, 2008

MH - little boy lost

Strange Dream, and Other Things

Really odd dream this morning... I can't remember much of the plot of it, if it even had one, and as such it doesn't warrant a filtered post of its own. Collapse )

There was a time I could have described all of that so much better. Meh.

Occasionally, I get these periods where my brain starts filing thoughts away, and when the filing cabinet gets too full, the thoughts start to bubble out of the top and niggle at my consciousness. Sometimes the bubbling comes to fruition in a post which was probably best left unwritten, but we'll see how it goes. If they don't get too tumultous, I may let them evaporate instead. (They majoritarily seem to revolve around friends and the future and a combination of both...)

Oh, while I'm here: I put this on Facebook, but for anyone who isn't there and might be interested:

1st November 2008 from 6.30pm - we're having another Bad Movie Night to celebrate Hallowe'en (would have been actually on Hallowe'en but Paul and I are seeing Nosferatu at the Town Hall instead.) Costumes are optional but the theme - obviously - is Movie Heroes. BYOB and I'll lay on buffet-type food as usual, which you don't have to eat if you don't want. There are sleeping arrangements if you need / want to stay over but bring a sleeping bag just in case...

I think that's it. You can also bring some Bad Movies if you want, though Blockbuster were more than helpful last time. Alternatively, bring your favourite 'good' horror film, and just ignore what Lloyd says. :P (We were going to try and get El Orfanato as the 'good' film, but I think trying to watch that when pissed would be a very bad plan.)