October 9th, 2008

Spuffy - with or without

Odds and Ends

I forgot to mention the Rude Woman I encountered in Somerfield over the weekend. She was in front of me in the queue (whilst Paul was getting a lottery ticket at the cigarette counter) and had balanced her basket precariously on the end of the checkout.

She took a heavy item (which was counter-balancing the entire thing) out of one corner of the basket, as a result of which the rest of it started to succumb to gravity. So, being a helpful sort, I reached out to stop it from falling off the checkout and smashing her box of eggs.

Did I receive a 'thank you' for this noble gesture?

Of course I didn't. Merely a silent scowl and her grabbing the basket to put it more firmly on the checkout. How DARE I touch her precious shopping, lest I befoul it with my strange hands!

She was quite well-dressed and buying organic veg, not even remotely chavvy or anything like that, and I would say she was in her 30s (though I'm not good at age-guessing). Absolutely no excuse except sheer bad manners. Snooty cow.

Next time I'll let her basket fall on the floor, eggs and all.

After that, she then proceeded to take bloody ages about packing her stuff, putting her purse away and getting out of the way, as long as it took for all of my stuff to be scanned, which meant I was then also holding up the line packing my shopping.

Can anyone think of a reasonable explanation as to why I've been HUNGRY for three days straight? Like, literally. An hour or so after eating, I'm just starving again. It's really very odd. And in direct comparison to last week, when I was barely hungry at all...

My body is weird.

I posted the fourth and final chapter of the PotC fic last night, having finally managed to end it. *points in a vague FFN-type direction* Now I must get back to that bloody UB fic before it disappears for good.

Tonight I will compile memories to post on phanwank...