October 14th, 2008

Photo - mask tattoo

Day Out in Stratford.

I'm so glad I decided to book the rest of this week off instead of just Thursday and Friday. The thought of having to go into work for the first three days was filling me with exhausted dread, and I spent the majority of last week feeling deathly tired.

I was vaguely productive yesterday. Went out for some bits of shopping and to get picture frames and interfacing (going to attempt to make curtain tie-backs this week at some point), and have to go out today to get more. I got three picture frames - needed four - and two rings for the end of the tie backs - need four of those, too. :P Temporary brain freeze. Anyway, I framed and put up three of the prints - some I bought from that "Earth from the Air" thing when it was still around, so they're YEARS old - and that was about it.

On Sunday my mum and David took us to Stratford for the day. The weather was absolutely amazing, considering what we've had so far. Warm enough to walk around in just a t-shirt! We didn't do very much there and also forgot to bring a camera, but did manage to get some Christmas presents in Past Times, since the one in Birmingham has closed down. We had lunch in Cox's Yard, a pub on the river, and most of the day was just spent wandering around the shops. Quite pleasant.

The rest of this week is alternatively quiet and tiring. Tonight I have choir (not too tired at long bloody last) and then tomorrow we're going to visit Tor and the new baby, Thursday and Friday Paul and I are both off. Meal at Cafe Rouge on Thursday night and then nothing on Friday, I think, and going to see Sound of Music on Saturday with a meeting with Eni beforehand. Sunday = sleep, as the last train back from London doesn't get back until midnight.

Now that's done, I shall go and watch some Housewife Telly. I need my Jeremy Kyle fix. :P