October 20th, 2008

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Sound of Music, etc.

So, here we go - a write-up of London and some other stuff...

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The photos (all 12 of them) are on Facebook but I think they're friends only... They're not that exciting.

On Sunday we popped up to visit Tor and the new baby, which mostly involved horror stories about the birth and trying to calm down the dog, who gets ridiculously excitable around people. Eventually she settled down on the sofa next to me, at least until the doorbell rang. I was supposed to make cakes for work but failed horribly, opting instead to slob about watching my soap and, later in the evening, Fantastic Four, which was brainless and amusing.

And today I am back at work, being regaled with stories of how Sandra has been useless all of last week. Hurrah.

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There may be some manner of birthday drinking on Saturday but I'll see how I feel on Wednesday. If I'm knackered by then, it's not happening. By all means, though, feel free to celebrate my birthday without me; it's not like I'll be the life of the party.

Things I need to do tonight:

1. Washing up / clean kitchen.
2. Re-pot plant from Lisa (birthday present) so it doesn't die like the last one.
3. Make cakes for work.
4. Have a shower.
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I still can't access my Yahoo!Mail, even at work. I am now of the opinion that this is definitely Their Problem.

If you need to email me for whatever reason, you'll have to use teylaminh at cliffhanger dot com.

I can get LJ comment notifications from the homepage, thankfully...