October 22nd, 2008

Cabaret - Maybe This Time

Decision Made.

Thanks for the poll answers, those who voted. I was feeling somewhat despondent yesterday due to being tired and not knowing what I wanted, and I've finally come to a decision. Ironically, it's the decision I'd already made.

I'm going to stay at choir until Christmas, and then probably leave. If only because I've been rehearsing for the November concert for ages and it would be a waste of effort to quit now, and because I really do enjoy the Christmas singing. I will probably only do one of the Messiah concerts, though, as I seem to recall one of those was mid-week and hence knackering...

Still a little irked by the 1st November rehearsal being inconveniently timed to clash with my Hallowe'en party, but with any luck I can get a lift there and back and cut out on journey times. It's not the end of the world, just annoying.

Paul is right, though - I probably do need to joint something smaller and/or more local, if possible. I keep toying with the idea of am-op (Crossed Keys is based in Acocks Green) if I ever find enough confidence to do it, and I do enjoy the actual singing, just not the having to stay late at work or the constant travelling to the back end of nowhere, or the constant hassling people for tickets (and the stress of having to get them). I don't know if I'll join something else straight away, but I think I need a bit of a break nonetheless.

In other news, we have shiny new PCs at work today. :) The screen resolution is massive, though; so much space! (And they haven't disabled the majority of useful functions, either, so I can actually change my screen-saver at last.)

Of course, I just had to go through and add buttons to my Word toolbar and re-create my macros, but never mind...

And I have a Thai chicken & rice soup for lunch. YUMS.