October 27th, 2008

Chicago - cell block tango


Alternatively active and lazy, this weekend.

Saturday involved a morning trip into Kings Heath to get meat (from the butcher) and to stock up the freezer, hence just under £70(!) in Iceland. £15 of that was wine, though. :P

In the afternoon we made our way by taxi to the Briar for my birthday drinkings. My mum and David had already arrived before us (at 3.00pm, the allotted time) and we waited for Lloyd, Derek and Denise to turn up. It turned out Lloyd had decided to go and see a film which started at 2.40 - thanks for that. :P

Lloyd then proceeded to get us kicked out of the pub. Or, well, that's what we said happened. What really happened was he managed to knock over most of his first pint, went to get another one, and the bar staff decreed he was "too drunk" because he was "slurring his words and swaying". *ahem* In any event, we finished our food and then decamped to the Trocadero instead, and spent the rest of the evening there.

Most of that time was spent watching Derek be the resident clown. The quote of the night was probably: "Of course I've got a chin! It holds my mouth together!", though there was all manner of other hilarity. It's all documented in photographic form on Paul's Facebook, obviously. I have no idea whether they're publicly visible...

Alison arrived shortly after 8.00, at the Briar, whereupon she rang Derek and made her way to the Trocadero.

Paul, Lisa and I left around 10.00pm. Paul and I had a bit of a silly argument (apparently about different things) just before bed, but only because he was drunk and I was therefore unable to differentiate between a serious comment and a joke. It was pointless, anyway. (I maintain it was still a horrible thing to say, drunk, joking or otherwise...)

On Sunday we didn't do anything remotely exciting. I had a headache and my back was hurting from not sitting properly in the pub, so that rather scuppered my enthusiasm to do anything.

Back at work today and the lift is broken (again!).

I have a very busy couple of weeks ahead...

This weekend: bloody rehearsal in bloody Gloucester, followed by Hallowe'en party / Movie Night thing.

Next weekend: fireworks at Paul's mum's for her birthday

Weekend after that: concert at Town Hall, so rehearsing all day for that, too.

December is also just as bad, with two Messiah concerts and Christmas to contend with, as well as all the usual festive stressing. My plan is the usual: one day off work in order to get the majority of my shopping done, tree is going up first weekend in December so I don't have to worry about it, and get it all over with as soon as possible. If you invite me to the pub a week before the event, you can readily expect me to kill you. :P

Christmas should really not be so stressful.

PS: Loving the new Livejournal front page. :D
Photo - Wheel

Someone needs to take HMV away from me.

Or perhaps vice versa.

I went in there on Friday to look for a CD which actually wasn't out until Monday, although I didn't know that at the time, and came out with two CDs, a DVD and a book. The book is for Paul for either Xmas or birthday - I'll decide nearer the time. The CDs were two for a tenner: the soundtrack to Hairspray (the film musical version) and a Seasick Steve CD for Paul, and the DVD was the 15th anniversary 2-disc special edition of Nightmare Before Christmas, which was also only a tenner. So, bargains, but still money I shouldn't have spent.

This afternoon I went in there AGAIN to get the new Pink album and came out with three more DVDs because they were three for £20: Hairspray (I really, really liked it!), Kill Bill I and II, and The Orphanage.

At least I can knock that last one off my wishlist. :P

Thankfully, I get paid tomorrow...

Okay, no more spending. Christmas is coming up and I need to start thinking about other people, not myself. ;)

Actually, I do have £45 of birthday money to spend, but I might hold onto that until I inevitably get some Christmas money...