October 30th, 2008

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Invitation of Doom - Further Update

Telephone call received from Raj, who - of course - didn't introduce himself but opened with: "You sent me an email?"

He seemed to think someone else had invited me to his supervision even though said email came from him... In any event, he says he's emailed Tina R's secretary to find out what's going on and will let me know. Apparently she's not in until Monday, so I'll just have to sit tight until then...

From the sounds of it, he doesn't remember who I am. ;)

God know what's going on.

Another interesting point I think I forgot to mention: the email came to my name but with "Social Services" after it as the directorate; when I moved they changed it to "Legal Services" but kept the same account, which sort of implies it's come out of an old address book entry.

Hrm. Guess I'll find out next week then.

(If I have been stressing and panicking over nothing I will NOT BE PLEASED.)

I didn't have to sleep on the sofa last night, thankfully, though for some reason am more tired than yesterday. I have a hectic couple of days coming up: I need to make cheesy Hallowe'en biscuits tonight for work (should probably make some kind of leaving cake for Heather but won't have time, I don't think; I have a 1kg tub of margarine to use up so need to make many cakes), then we're seeing Nosferatu tomorrow, party on Saturday, and then a busy couple of weeks, too.

As for cakes, I have at least two lined up: Hallowe'en cake for Saturday / possibly just fairy cakes as they are easier to eat, and birthday cake for Paul's mum. And possibly two Christmas cakes for work and family.

I think I've caught Paul's bloody lurgy. WONDERFUL.
Spuffy - with or without


Journal re-tagging continues. On looking at the list, I have one thing to say:

"God GOD, that's a lot of shake fandoms!" :P

Was just in Tesco because I figured I would fare better getting a pumpkin now instead of later. Considering there were three left, turns out that may well be true. Anyway, it reminded me of when I was in there the other day and the entry I was going to do on getting home...

Periodically, the Tesco Metro in town decide to reverse their escalators, presumably to save on belt wear or whatever. Anyway, this decidedly simple action is enough to make ordinarily intelligent (at least, one assumes) people into blathering idiots.

I understand that we get used to things being a certain way, and when that changes it is quite confusing. But that isn't any excuse for the common sense lapse which results in the following:

Pushing past other shoppers who are coming off an escalator which is going DOWN, only to then attempt to go UP on the same escalator because it was that way around the other week, and then look surprised when it's not any more. You'd think the people coming OFF THE ESCALATOR would be enough of a tip-off...

People are weird.
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There are more macro photographs added to the album I linked yesterday if anyone wants to take a look...

In honour of the occasion, have some more icons. :)


I've uploaded the first three to use, and the fourth is saved to Photobucket presently. If you want to use them, credit in keywords, please, as the photographs are copyright me...