November 4th, 2008

Photo - leaves


I was going to do something resembling a party write-up yesterday, but all plans were scuppered by Feeling Like Dren (TM). I caught Paul's lurgy on Saturday, and yesterday had to crawl home at 11.30am because it had all accumulated in my chest and I couldn't breathe properly. I got home, had a bath with some Olbas Oil in it, and had a little sleep after Jeremy Kyle (I kept periodically waking up to the strains of Ricki Lake in the background), then watched X-Files until Paul got home... I did get through about seven episodes, though, so that's something...

This morning my stomach is NOT happy, which is probably a combination of cold medication and not really eating properly for a while - brown bread really does make all the difference. So, having emptied it this morning, I'm carefully only eating things which hopefully won't poison me today... my insides feel vaguely trepidacious, it's quite odd. I am also knackered despite getting a fairly decent night's sleep, but since the glandular fever episode, tiredness seems to be my body's reaction to most illnesses... I was going to drag myself to choir but I don't think it'll happen somehow. (Kind of typical that when I finally make a positive decision in that regard, my body conspires against me.)

As for the Hallowe'en party, it was fun. We only managed to watch one film (out of a possible six) because we spent a long time playing Scruples before finally settling down to watch the film at around midnight, and since Paul and I had both been up since 9.15 that morning, 2.00am was a more than reasonable time to go to bed. I'll put the photographs on Facebook at some point.

On Sunday morning Lloyd rang to ask if we wanted to see Saw V, so we went to see that in the afternoon, and ran into frightened in the cinema so went for a couple of drinks. I think possibly the walk in the rain along Broad Street didn't help the lurgy, really... The film was good; pretty much what you'd expect from the Saw series with the gratuitous gore. One of the five people being tested was familiar from somewhere... must check IMDb later.

I think that's all I have to say, really... The work has run out again so staying awake is going to be a struggle... I shall sign this off.