November 5th, 2008

Photo - leaves

My Friends List Is Awesome This Morning.

Most people on here know that I'm not exactly the most... politically minded person out there; I mean, I'm glad to live in a Lib Dem constituency these days rather than BNP (and come on, who wouldn't?), but other than that my political stance is that until some of these bloody politicians deliver on their promises, I'm going to consider them all lying bastards. (And I would vote for Lib Dem but honestly, they need to buck their ideas up and stop coming across as the slightly eccentric aunt who visits at Christmas, gives you another set of hankies and is only invited out of familial duty.) Despite that, the outpouring of love and affection for Obama this morning is absolutely amazing. Just... no more Bush. I'm just sad it couldn't happen sooner.

America, you did good.

I never thought I'd be saying that, either. :P America is usually not known for its well-placed decision-making, after all...

I shall now stop talking about politics because it's not something I enjoy discussing, purely because I will openly admit to knowing very little about it and it's therefore pointless. My family has never been particularly political and it's never hit my radar for that reason...

Woo, Obama!


Last night at choir, Adrian described our singing and lack of diction as a "musical hoodie", which was quite amusing. I also had my session of vocal coaching thigummy with Julian, which would have gone better if not for my cough. At least it didn't stop me singing. A shame I couldn't do the rehearsal in Gloucester, as apparently it's made everything come together a lot better, but hopefully the 'dress' rehearsal on the day will also help... We also started on Messiah last night, which is always good fun to sing. :)

I'm sure I had more to say, but it fell out of my brain...