November 7th, 2008

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Random Things.

Had my supervision / 1:1 / PDR / whatever yesterday and warned Marie about the Invitation of Doom. As I was off sick on Monday, I don't know if Raj ever did get back to me about it, but I've heard nothing all this week. I should probably email again to find out what's happening, though it is tempting to now not bother in the slightest... Anyway, as a result of warning her, I ended up recounting about Sandra and generally having a good old moan about Social Services, and Marie now also hopes that the reason for the invitation is because of a complaint about Sandra...

It's weird to reflect on that period of working at Ladywood. At the time, it felt like I was the only one who'd noticed, but as I think back, I can't have been. Towards the end she made it more than obvious what she thought of me. I really really hope someone else has lodged a complaint. It would be no less than she deserves.

In other news, my MP3-player nearly died a death last night. Collapse )

Of course, I also need to get a new printer, though they're cheap enough on ebuyer. I should get one soon, though, because I need to do another CD for Katie...

In other other news, I painted my nails last night for the first time in about a year... In the process I also cleared out my dead bottles of varnish; out of about 30 I managed to save maybe eight (including a limited edition turquoise which I'm pretty sure I can't get any more). All the others were beyond redemption (i.e. rock solid and defying gravity, or simply unopenable), and those I've held onto can be saved with a drop of nail polish remover. So, my nails are now chocolate brown, slightly glittery. Soon I shall rebuild my empire of nail varnish! *evil laugh* One of the colours I had to throw away was an iridescent blue-green that I was using on a belt which has some gems missing, as it's exactly the same colour as the gems. Ah well...

We have a quiz after work tonight; last time our team came 9th (out of 14 teams) so hopefully we will do slightly better this time...
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X-Post: One

This is a momentous occasion - my very first proper X-Files post. There's no point filtering these posts now because I think there's only about two people left on the filter who are (a) still on my f-list or (b) still reading regularly, so I'll just do them as standard posts and tag / title them appropriately. All non X-Philes can ignore them. :)

So far I've been a little lax with doing posts about my long-awaited re-watch, but as there is a brief lull in my workload, I shall make a start. Be warned, this is long…

Collapse )

I think that's more than enough for my first post on the matter. Wow, that was some lull, huh? ;)

Ah, well, an urgent and some bits of work will hopefully kill time until we can leave for the quiz… and at least I can get some flex out of it.

I totally need an X-Files icon... I think it's about time I raided that screencap archive in my Favourites list... :P