November 10th, 2008

Photo - rainbow

Weekend Activities.

Well, it turned out to be less exciting than planned, as the weather called off play and our fireworks didn't happen. They were meant to be on Saturday, but Darren and Andrea were taking the kids to see the Christmas lights switch-on in Birmingham, so we moved it to Sunday, and then Paul's mum decided to cancel because of the rain. Ah well. We are hopefully going to do the fireworks next Sunday, assuming the rain doesn't persist.

So instead, on Saturday night, we decided to watch The Orphanage again. Collapse )

On Sunday, Paul went out for a couple of drinks with Drew and I watched EastEnders and then made a birthday cake for Paul's mum, whicih we're going to take over tonight with her presents. I attempted to make satin icing again and for once it almost worked perfectly - there were only a few bits where it didn't quite cover the cake, and it was soft enough that I was able to fix it without it looking too awful. I need to buy a Teflon sheet, really, as rolling it out on the chopping boad didn't work as well as hoped. I also attempted to mix red and blue food colouring to make purple, but unfortunately the blue was so strong it ended up a sort of dark grey-blue. Still quite interesting. The icing I used to write on it also ended up a sort of peachy colour because the red just isn't very good, but for a first attempt at writing on a cake with an icing bag it's really not too bad. The icing was a little too runny, though, and despite halving the recipe there was still loads of it left... I'll post a photograph later.

Oh, the cake itself was a normal (vanilla) flavoured cake with a layer of whipped cream in the middle. Whipping the cream was really bizarre: it took ages to thicken and then suddenly, in the last five seconds, became the right consistency... (There was going to jam in there too, a la Victoria sponge, but it had gone mouldy...)

On Sunday evening, after watching the David Bowie episode of Flight of the Conchords, Paul and I ended up watching Labyrinth to see who was right about whether they'd stolen an actual line from the film... Turns out I was right: they hadn't. :P In any event, I was long overdue a Labyrinth rewatch, and it's always fun.

We then rented Superhero Movie (brainless fun) from On Demand as it was the only thing we could agree on. It's still full price as it's new, but so is everything else I want to see. I'm hoping the majority of this stuff will be on the normal movie channels come Christmas...

Ugly Betty season 2 is finally out on DVD, at long bloody last. By the time we get season 3 in the new year we'll be an entire series behind the US, which sucks, considering we were only a week behind at the start of last season. Stupid channel 4.

Anyway, this morning has gone incredibly quickly for some reason, so I shall post this...