November 13th, 2008

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The Joys of Rented Accommodation...

So, here's the latest affliction to hit our accursed house - due to the torrential rain over the weekend (and even before then) there is stagnant water in the basement which is stinking out the bottom floor. Unfortunately, it's Lisa's flat which is most affected, so she's attacking it with Oust and air fresheners. Apparently this is affecting a lot of properties in the area, so it's not just us... Trevor is being his typical bumbling self about it, though he did in fact clean out the drains yesterday and has opened a 'door' somewhere so the basement can air-dry, as there's no point doing anything until that's done.

This is when Paul's housing experience comes in very handy; and the fact that Trevor has given up ringing me and has Paul now as the first contact means that he's more than capable of dealing with it, whereas I would have been completely lost. Lisa is understandably quite aggravated, especially as at first it seemed as though Trevor was going to try and blame us for it. Whilst I was out on Tuesday Paul checked and cleared the drains (and the water level didn't change in the slightest), just as a matter of course; although quite when Trevor expects us to have gotten out there lately to clear them is anyone's guess, given the downpours all weekend.

Ah, the perils of cheap rent..

Oh, also, Trevor rang a couple of weeks ago to ask us to check in the other half of the attic (where the panel is screwed on) to see if we had an insulation, and if not he would contribute towards the cost of the gas company coming out to fit some. My hope is that they might take one look at the open part of the attic and decree it to need re-plastering, but I think that might be grasping at straws. There's not much point insulating in there anyway, really, as the window is open all the time as it is... Not particularly energy-efficient, but no worse than a power-guzzling drier would be...

I'm rather worried about what we might find in the closed bit of the attic, though. Will we release the evil spirits ensconced in the roof? My theory is there's a body up there. ;) It wouldn't smell if it was a skeleton, right?

Nothing much else to report. Concert on Saturday and pretty much busy weekends until Christmas, when it starts all over again with constant birthdays... It seems there's just been no respite this year from forced sociability... And on that note, if you invite me out a week before Christmas, I will probably launch a grenade in your general direction. Just so you know.
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For anyone else unfortunately afflicted by Virgin Media's television service, I believe they're bringing back Sky One and related channels tonight.

The "M" package gets Sky Three and a couple of others, "L" gets Sky One to Three and Sky News (I think) and "XL" gets all the Sky channels, including the new ones.

About BLOODY time. This is exactly what they should have done in the first place - if customers want it, they should have the right to pay for it, not just have it taken away.

I'm still reverting to Sky if and when we ever get a house, though; the service is just generally better.

Anyway. Just to let you know.
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This is kind of odd...

Just before I left work today, I noticed this strange anomaly in Word, but for some reason it's only in my individual files folder on the shared drive, not any of the case files.

Collapse )

All of the files (except about one) in that folder are hidden files, and there's nothing untoward in the properties either.


In other news, I came home to (a) a leaky binbag dripping fat inside my bin (yeuch) and (b) a surprise through the letter box in the form of Nightmare Revisited (from my mum), a version of the NBC soundtrack with the songs performed by different metal artists, as the Current Music testifies. It's very very strange indeed, but also interesting...

I also saw the perfect present for Paul's birthday but I'm going to look online for cheaper options because it was a rip-off in M&S. I was in there getting a curry for tea, before you ask. ;)