November 17th, 2008

Edward - butterfly

Eventful Weekend

Quite busy this weekend. I was out most of Saturday due to rehearsal and concert, and then Paul went to a house party after the concert and didn't return until 5.00am...

The concert went okay, I think. The audience turn out wasn't quite as bad as expected, and apart from the tenor soloist coming in early a couple of times (we had to rehearse that bit about four times and it still didn't work) it actually sounded okay. Have to do it all again in two weeks' time in Bristol, but at least now the rehearsals are going to be Messiah and Christmas-focussed, which is always a joy. Now if the German Market would just bugger off I might be able to enjoy Christmas for once. (I've booked off 3rd December as my now-traditional Shopping Day, and this year I'm going to take the shopping trolley with me...)

As for the rest of Saturday: I walked back to the city centre with Paul and one of his friends, Sonja, as they were going off to Mara's birthday party together, and we parted ways at Pij. I was utterly soaked by the time I got home. On getting back I put washing to dry upstairs (this was at about 10.30) and then slobbed about online for a bit without really achieving anything except a Deep and Meaningful email conversation with Eni. I went to bed around 2.00am after another episode of X-Files (now at the end of season 2), until I couldn't keep my eyes open. These days I'm not very good at sleeping alone (I don't count Lisa being in as being not alone), especially in a creaky old house with neighbours who don't seem to sleep, so it's best if I just tire myself out before I attempt to sleep.

Anyway, as a result, I woke up purely by chance at 5.00am needing to cough, only to have Paul go "Hello?" at me in the dark, which was vaguely terrifying...

The other bizarre thing was another bloke called Paul who rang up wanting to speak to Lisa and ended up with me answering the phone. This occurred at 12.30am (yes, that's after midnight) so I was probably not exactly completely awake, and as a result when he introduced himself I thought it was someone at Mara's party taking the piss, having stolen my Paul's phone. Other Paul attempted to prove he was who he said he was with some nonsensical (to me, anyway) anecdote, and then it transpired I was not Lisa. I had no idea if she was in, but nevertheless, even if she was, I imagine she would be in bed at 12.30am anyway. After that I shut the living room door so as not to hear the phone (meh...) and ended up making myself some pasta at around the same time because I was hungry. It was a bit of a strange night, all told.

On Sunday, of course, we slept in. Went out to Sainsbury's to get breakfast stuff and then watched telly for a bit until going over to Paul's mum's for the Firework Extravaganza which didn't happen last week. We arrived first and tried to get the bonfire started, which lasted for a while but burnt the wood a little too quickly and kept going out, unfortunately. Still got some interesting picture of it, nonetheless. Darren and Andrea and kids arrived at about 6.00pm and we set off a few fireworks, though it all ended a bit suddenly due to some Familial Angst on their side. In any case, Paul and I stayed and the remaining four of us set off what was left of the fireworks. This involved a lot of ducking and covering because the damn things kept dropping to earth practically on top of our heads: either the wooden stalks of the rockets or the orange plastic tops, which promptly hit the roof and shattered everywhere. Oh, and then there was the rocket which failed to take off, rose three inches in the air and then landed in the garden before exploding, which was... well, perhaps 'exciting' is the wrong word, but by that point everyone was a bit drunk and found it vaguely hilarious in an almost-losing-an-eye way...

We ended the night watching the start of I'm A Celebrity... before heading home and going straight to bed. I'll upload the photographs later, though most of them aren't very good. I think I need to go to a professional firework display one of these days to test out the firework function better, as my timing was basically crap. Pretty fire photos, though...

Thankfully, it's a quiet one next weekend, though it's going to get considerably busier as Christmas approaches. I'll just be glad when the second Beethoven concert is out of the way. I mean, it sounded frelling amazing, but my word, it's tiring to sing. We get to sit down for a bit after the "Credo" section, but that section is about 15 minutes long, mostly in the upper range of the voice and incredibly fast... absolutely mad. Beethoven was a sadist, clearly.

Oh, and I forgot to mention Adrian's amusing comment to inspire the tenors:

"When you're singing this, imagine Beethoven going ' I vill write zis part for ze tenors and keeeel zem!'..."

Dunno if it worked, but just about summed up the piece in general, really. :D

As ever, I didn't intend this to be so long... can't be bothered to cut, though, sorry. :P