November 18th, 2008

SB - Max - Oy

One of Those Days...

I nearly didn't make it into work this morning. I first work up with Paul's 6.00am alarm (he's had to be in work early most of last week and also this week - given we are now both constantly tired and grumpy it's not exactly a barrel of laughs...) and was actually not too tired, so probably should have just got up then. By the time I was meant to be waking up properly at 7.30am, my stomach was clenching painfully every few seconds, so I stayed in bed until 8.00. It hadn't stopped hurting but wasn't bad enough to be off work so I've dragged myself in.

And until about 10 minutes ago (it's now 10.30) it had actually calmed down, except I had the audacity to eat something (sausage bap and smoothie) and now it's being annoying again.

And I've forgotten my choir music. Bah.

To be honest, if it gets any worse I will just go home. My belly now feels empty, though, so that can only be a good thing. I'm just bloody knackered - as ever, when remotely ill, my body's first reaction is to sleep it off. (Edit @ 12.20 - I have been slowly feeding my body chocolate [Quality Street and Roses] and, like with the Hangover of Doom, it seems to be the only thing which works in settling it. I may have a carbalicious pasta salad for lunch...)

In other news, I watched the Panorama special last night on "Baby P", which actually wasn't as informative as I was anticipating. Some of the points raised were quite valid, though - how on earth are Social Workers supposed to actually visit families when they're so bogged down in paperwork? Here in Legal we are always moaning about the statements we get from Social Services because most of the time they're completely incoherent... the reason is that social work is not about writing reports; it's about doing social work, oddly enough. From what I remember at Ladywood there is even a typist pool in the area office who would type the reports up, but the majority of the time they never seemed to be doing anything...

Went to bed early and watched some more X-Files - now at season 3, so I got through "The Blessing Way" and "Paperclip". Good lord, I remember when the full-length video of that three-parter came out (with "Anasazi" as part one), just before season 3 aired on Sky for the first time. What was even odder was I was randomly inspired by the end of a particular sequence to write a 'missing scene' fic. I've only done one of those for XF before and that was about two years ago when I was randomly inspired by reading the script, of all things, after catching unrelated repeats on FX. We'll see how it goes. I said I wouldn't write the Pirates one and look where that ended up. :P

I watched random Simpsons last night. I only mention this as being of significance because it was ON SKY ONE, OH HELL YEAH! *hugs channel* Ah, I've missed you, television wallpaper...

Anyway, I'll post this and get back to work.