November 28th, 2008

Photo - Sunset pink


£245.00 in total.

I went for the 2-for-1 deal in the end, as there were two styles I liked. The 'everyday' pair are purple and almost the same shape as my current frames, except slightly narrower across and slightly larger in terms of the lens area. I picked those because they should (hopefully) be easier to adjust to my ridiculously small head.

The other pair are RED, with blue arms - narrow and square-ish. Should be pretty much impossible to adjust to my size but we'll see. As they will inevitably be too big I'll save them for special occasions. Both pairs are by Osiris.

I've had two pairs in the past and only ever worn one, but since this one pair has lasted me four years, hopefully two pairs will last me eight, in which case they'll pay for themselves.

(Breakdown of that cost, by the way: 2x frames for £125, plus two pairs of lenses @ £60 each... for the ultra-thin and anti-reflective coating.)

HOWEVER, I did get my lovely bit of backpay, and it worked out as an extra £166.44, which is very much appreciated. If I hadn't had to buy glasses, I would have put half of that in the savings account and spent a bit of it on either an MP3 player or a new printer, but it'll have to cover the majority of my glasses instead.

Also, despite minor panic attack yesterday, they should be able to fill out the VDU-user eye test form retrospectively, and I'll get the refund in my wages, so that's £20 back at least.

I'm going to collect the specs later, so will take photographs once at home to share the expensive glory. (The red ones are pretty funky, if I say so myself...)

Incidentally, I found it quite amusing that there was a "Gok Wan Recommends" selection of frames, all of which were frameless. Mr Wan himself wears big, black, emo-style frames, natch. (I've tried frameless before and they just don't suit me. It's an epic experience finding frames, actually: too wide and I look like Dame Edna, too round and I look like Su Pollard. It's a nightmare.)
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New glasses.

Pictures as promised.

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Gah, those photos look how I feel. :(

I'm trying very hard not to do another moany entry, because I'm quite conscious that my journal, of late, has been nothing but negativity. The entry in my head is not so much moany as it is generically angsty, and I'm sort of in denial about needing to write an angsty post because EVERYTHING IS FINE, DAMMIT. YES IT IS. I am just tired and the recent lowness is nothing whatsoever to worry about, so I'm not worrying about it, nosireebob, not at all, move along now...

Anyway, that's what my paper journal is for, and it's been neglected over the past few months.

I kind of don't want to go to Bristol tomorrow, but I've already paid the coach fare and I guess I can sleep on the way there if needs be. Once this concert is over it's offically Christmas, anyway.
Photo - leaves

WestEnders. :D

This year's Children in Need EastEnders parody was random musicals. SO COOL. It actually beats their "Thriller" video starring Barry as the Michael Jackson character. So totally awesome...

Investigations lead me to discover that Christian (who is the first man to sing in the "Moulin Rouge" part) is played by John Partridge, who played the Rum Tum Tugger on the Cats video. YAYZORZ. And, actually, I can now perfectly picture that in my mind's eye. YES. I haven't seen it in so long that it's no wonder my radar completely missed his name in the credits...

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In any case, it made me giggle like a loon the first time I saw it. Absolutely frelling amazing.

(I am ashamed of my 'fandom: eastenders' tag but I'm very glad I made it anyway...)