December 3rd, 2008

MH - Christmas - Yvette

Bah Humbug - what a surprise.

Well, that was a SPECTACULAR FAILURE of a Christmas shopping trip. Aside from the fact I didn't really want to get out of bed at all this morning because it's FREEZING (there is frost in the back garden which has been there since THIS MORNING) and my alarm woke me up from a potentially quite interesting dream, I wasn't particularly in the mood to traipse around Birmingham anyway.

I managed to get stuff for my mum and Paul, and also Eni, got a book for Noel and one book for David, who is fucking impossible to buy for anyway so I need to get something else. I was going to get him a fisheye camera from the shop in Kings Heath but they were a lot more expensive than I was anticipating, so no. Still need to get things for Jade, Patrick (joint with Paul anyway), Paul's mum, Lisa, Alison and another something for David. Literally everyone is getting books at the moment.

Things discovered whilst in the process of shopping:

1. Books are HORRIBLY expensive, and Waterstone's are not helping (I got all the books on 3-for-2 that I bought there, by a stroke of luck / genius).

2. The Works, however, is very helpful, though sporadic in quality. And also BUSY.

3. The German Market is the spawn of the Devil himself and should be obliterated immediately. The bloody tourists can find something else to gawp at. Like that nice shiny Bull Ring over there.

4. Disney Store has apparently gone. Well, that's my remaining avenue of inspiration buggered, then.

So, got back from Birmingham and worked stuff out on spreadsheet (I have £35 left to spend, thankfully) and then traipsed out to Kings Heath in a second futile attempt to obtain presents. Festivals is full of fail also since they turned into a card shop rather than an interesting knick-knack shop, and now appear to be selling chocolates. Obviously. Also tried Naquiba, which was ultimatley pointless in terms of presents but useful to remember for future reference for their stock of interesting make-up. Hrm.

And then Somerfield to get stuff for tonight's tea...

I was doing quite well, this year, at not hating Christmas. Until today. Year upon year the horrible consumerism only serves to remind me that I am struggling to afford decent presents because I have no money, which then only makes me detest that consumerism with a fiery passion. Now I understand why our parents never seemed to appreciate the season as much as we small children did. It's because it's a nightmare of frantic shopping and preparation with no time to enjoy any of the "good will"; it's pretending to be having the time of your life when all you want is to lock yourself away from the world for a bit. I don't WANT to go for a drink in a stupid crowded pub with people I can see any other sodding time of year, I just want to stay indoors until it all blows over.

Bollocks to it all.