December 17th, 2008

JC - Jonathan - eww


Holy mother of Moly I am so sick of this. D=

The cold has moved into my sinuses today, as anticipated. My head feels all cotton-wool-ified, which would probably be okay except for the total exhaustion. The reason for my exhaustion? Collapse )

My ears feel bunged up. :( Which is making audio-typing very interesting. My brain-to-mouth connection is also quite slow. I know what I want to say, but can't quite actually say it. Fun.

This had damn well better clear up to a reasonable degree by Sunday. I don't think we're singing anything particularly vicious so hopefully even if I have a cough my voice will hold out. Rather now than at Christmas, also. I'm leaving early today, long lunch be damned. I need a frelling nap...

Edit, 15.25: Well, our Christmas meal was quite nice, but my insides apparently disagree with my tastebuds. OW OW OW. Thank anything for flexi-time and being able to leave at 3.30, though I think I can hold out til four... There's just so much work here today it's untrue, and I feel bad enough for going home early yesterday... Oh, and as an interesting off-shoot of the bad stomach and subsequently holding myself tensely in an attempt to stop the pain, my back is twinging again. *sigh* It never rains, it pours. Or in my case, throws great fuck-off hailstones at me.