December 18th, 2008

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So. Not at work. Again.

When I got home last night (which took absolutely ages, for some reason), I went straight to bed and slept for an hour. Had an early-ish night and slept straight through (thank anything), and my stomach seems to have finally settled down. Except this morning I just felt SO TIRED that the prospect of moving around and getting dressed filled me the utmost dread. I mean, I went to the loo and then went back to bed for 10 minutes, and then sat up to get dressed and simply had no inclination to move...

Paul demanded I stay off today (he shouted at me!) so I've called in sick until Monday. At this point I'd rather save energy for Sunday's concert, since people are coming to see it, rather than exerting it going to work and stressing over the amount of stuff there is to do. I asked Marie to make sure Noor gets some help today as yesterday it was just piling up, and Ian put in an urgent at the end of the afternoon that he wanted by the end of the working day, and this was after the following exchange by the printer: Ian noticed there was a lot of work and I explained that I'd been off sick and it had thus piled up.

Me: *drooping sleepily at printer* I'm going early today, actually. I'm really not well at all.
Ian: Oh, right. Well, I've got a brief to Counsel that I need by this afternoon, so I suppose I'd better go and dictate it. *wanders off*

WTF? I've just said I'm not well and want to go home so you decide that's a cue to stick an urgent in? Meh. So Noor got lumbered with that. I was feeling a little better by 4.00pm in terms of my stomach issue, but I really just wanted to sleep. I was nodding off on the bus at certain points.

The lurgies this winter have gotten progressively worse as they've gone on. The first one I was at least able to work through (I'm usually quite productive when I have a cold because I'm trying to stay awake) and the second one I had one day of going home early with it, following which I was much better. This one has been absolutely evil, though I imagine most of the tiredness is because of the time of year. I normally use Christmas as a point of regrouping my sanity and general mental state, and will hold out until I have time off, but obviously being ill has taken me off guard a bit.