December 22nd, 2008

Christmas - berries

Back at Work

Now feeling MUCH better, thankfully, though still backed up full of goop. The cough has subsided from the weekend, too. I managed to do the concert yesterday with no coughing fits or singing issues. All in all it was a very enjoyable concert (aside from baking in Town Hall's choir stalls) and went a little way to restoring my Christmas spirit, which had been waning on Saturday thanks to losing an entire week of productivity to illness.

As a result, however, I need to make a mad dash to the Post Office this afternoon instead. I have one package to send within the UK and one international card and all the others have stamps on. thefleshfailure, I apologise in advance if your present doesn't get to you before Thursday... I've missed the 'last recommended posting day' to get it there, alas, and given the size I don't want to know how much it would cost by special delivery... Stupid cold scuppering my plans...

I also need to wrap the bloody thing before I can even go down to the Post Office, as Paul finished wrapping my stuff yesterday and used up the remainder of the paper, so I had to buy some more this morning.

I have some more ramblings about X-Files to write which are a few episodes overdue, but they can go in a separate post. There might be an icon or two making an appearance soon... :)

Three days until Christmas and there's still lots to do: no rest for the wicked disorganised.

Tonight: Asda chrimbo food shop, after I've been to the Post Office.

Tomorrow: Paul's mum's to hand over presents. We were meant to go to Asda on Tuesday but it had to be rearranged.

Wednesday is Christmas Eve. I'm working in the morning and then going for drinks in the Briar... although possibly home first. I was meant to make a cake or similar for our team lunch but I literally have no time to do it so they'll have to make do with something bought instead. Maybe some mini houmous and something to dip in them... :D Hoooooumous...

Oh, and despite best efforts, things seem to have been absolutely rubbish at work whilst I've been gone. The work piled up and nobody wanted to help. The principal for our team (Dave) has now gotten involved where Sandra is concerned, though, so that's a step in the right direction (she took a tape at lunchtime and wasn't seen again until gone 4.00). Apparently one of the Seniors in Central Team has also asked that their typists not do work for any other teams, which is rather missing the point... and obviously because the work was piling up, people were putting urgents in, which made it pile up even more. Apparently Noor stayed until 6.10 on Friday afternoon to get through the pile. I always seem to pick the exact wrong times to go off sick...

Right, that's more than enough. I'll post some Christmassy pictures when the full quotient of presents are under the tree and we've tidied up everywhere - don't ask me WHEN, but it'll be done - and might even take some on Christmas Day for once.