December 24th, 2008

Christmas - bauble

Christmas photographs

I've started a Christmas 2008 album on Facebook. Here. I'll add more as they're taken , which hopefully this year I'll remember to do.

Work was quite fun today, or at least our lunch was. We did our card competition (I came third, plus a special mention, and won a box of chocs) and played Pass the Parcel, which Gaynor S won (a scented candle). Far too much food, and I have four of Noor's delicious, uber-garlicky onion pekora in the fridge. :D

I left at 2.00 and popped into Priceless on the way home to see what they had to offer in the sale. I got some flat, black patent shoes with pointy toes and a strap - I was going to get them in red, but I have red pointy boots already. I shall wear them when I go out later to the pub.

Got back and cleaned the kitchen, discovering in the process that our granite worktop saver was STUCK to the worktop by a bizarre mould / water concoction. I have absolutely no idea how, but in any event I cleaned both the underside of the board and the worktop itself thoroughly, and have moved the granite board out so we can actually use it. It had the breadbin on top of it but we've never used it as a chopping board or anything, so perhaps if its used, it'll get cleaned, and hence won't end up stuck to the worktop...

Then I tidied the living room, wrote some last minute cards, and changed the bed, and now I'm just relaxing for a bit before I go out. I think *touches wood* that I'm now set for Christmas...

Yesterday evening we went over to Paul's mum's to hand over the last batches of presents. Quite a nice evening. Paul lost horribly to Patrick at blackjack and we played a never-ending game of Cheat (literally, it dragged out for about an hour...). Got back around 11.15, I think, whereupon Paul did the washing up and I finished my card for work and stressed a lot because there was so much left to do. After tidying the living room a bit last night, I finally got to bed around midnight, so am knackered today, understandably, so it's just as well we had very little to do in the way of work...

My Secret Santa (who is either Terri, Nikki or David, I imagine) hasn't been in work this week so I am without present. :( My recipient seemed to like their gift, though.

Right. I should figure out what to wear, really.

Merry Christmas, everyone!