December 30th, 2008

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*coughs, hacks, splutters*

I feel like poo. Very sleepy poo.

I think I had a slightly better night's sleep last night, but it's somewhat hard to tell. We went to the pub for tea because it was easier and, despite being horrendously tired, I couldn't get to sleep when I went to bed early. Not that actually going to sleep would have made the slightest difference, as I still woke up at least three times to having coughing fits. The cough itself feels somewhat better this morning, though my voice is still going and my sinuses are still full of snot. Please, for the love of anything, this cold to be shifting before Sunday? I don't WANT to be ill in France. :(

Before bed I watched the new Tony Robinson series on C4 where he goes around with a hardened sceptic to try and figure out if paranormal stuff is actually paranormal. Last night they were looking at the "Blitz Witch", a psychic medium from the 1940s who predicted the sinking of two ships and was arrested for being a spy, then subsequently charged under the almost obsolete Witchcraft Act from the 1700s - the last woman to be tried under the Act. It was all quite interesting. Tony's approach is as enthusiastic as ever, making him the perfect presenter for this type of programme, especially as he himself is somewhat ambivalent and from the "I want to believe" school of thought. His sceptical expert looks at the science and tries to disprove things. It's all a bit Mulder-and-Scully, or alternatively a bit Yvette-and-Phil. :)

There's another one on tonight, so I must not forget to watch it. jackiesjottings might be interested to know that tonight's is entitled "The Ghosts of Glastonbury"...

Paul and I opened a couple more Christmas presents last night from Lisa. They were downstairs but as the wrapping paper was different to those we'd already opened, I wasn't sure if they were for us, or for Jen and Dave. Anyway, three ceramic wax-filled candles (white holders and three shades of red wax) and an interesting room-scenting contraption involving oil and sticks. I might put that in the hall / landing to get rid of the musty smell, as the air fresheners don't seem to be working. Having said that, since Trevor dried out the cellar, the smell seems to have gone - although that could just be because I've not been able to smell anything for three weeks.

I am feeling vaguely inspired to write random things. Hopefully this will hold out until I'm in France and will have some time to do so, either on the Eurostar or in the evenings. Collapse )

Meh, my throat hurts. Everyone at work seems to be similarly afflicted with colds and coughs, which probably explains why I've had this damn thing not only three times this winter but for a duration, this time, of three weeks. I can't decide if the losing-my-appetite side effect of this one is better than being constantly hungry...

Although, having said that, I am rather hungry now, but only because I couldn't finish my breakfast. It's perhaps not so much losing my appetite as only being able to manage small portions. Soup for lunch, I think. Or perhaps a pasty. Mm.
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I came back from lunch to find a little purple gift bag on my chair, containing a very nice purse/bag (I'll post a photo later). The tag didn't even have my name on it, just a big "X".

I will safely assume it's my Secret Santa and not a secret admirer. In which case, my Secret Santa must be Terri as she's the only one of the remaining three who is actually in work. I'm just intrigued by the tag. Most odd.