January 10th, 2009

Photo - Playmobil

General Update.

Okay, so I'm back from Disney. I did attempt to do some writing whilst away but didn't get much done beyond a New Year's Eve write-up (which I probably won't even use as it's wordy and overlong), despite being randomly inspired to do a Jonathan Creek fic. I blame the fact that it's been just as bloody cold in France as it seems to have been in England.

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Incidentally? I am STILL bloody coughing and still can't sing properly. It seems to have come back again since returning to England, so I can only attribute the dust in the flat or Birmingham's smog for it continuing, as I was mostly okay in France...

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All in all, quite enjoyable, even with the freezing cold weather. I am now in the process of reducing the size of the photos, which I think I'll post on Flickr. Facebook only allows 60 photos per album, so it'll take me all week to post them there... I might put a selection on there nonetheless, we'll see.

Paul met me at the station yesterday and we went for a curry on the credit card in the evening, one last bit of expenditure before paying it all off this year. I've put in some washing today and don't really want to go back to work on Monday (it doesn't really feel like I've had a proper holiday - I had to get up even earlier than usual whilst away!) but never mind. Reality beckons. :(

Okay. Hands are cold. Time to set up a Flickr account...