January 11th, 2009

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A Year in Brief

Meme stolen from hobbit_feets. First sentence of each month of 2008...

Stolen from everyone everywhere, and I've done this before. [Ironically, that "year in review" meme that everyone does every year...]

I appear to have caught a cold.

So we went to Asda last night and spent £130, which was about what we spent the first time and £70 less than at Christmas... and it included a big serving bowl (£4), a Thai meal for two (£6) and £25-worth of booze... and a SHITLOAD of fruit and veg, so really the amount spent on food-that-will-last-us-ages was a lot less... [Ha! As interesting as ever. :P]

Hee, Derren Brooown. :)

As an addendum to yesterday's post, apparently the rest of season 2 of UB will be back on Channel 4 on 30 May.

That was quite pleasant.

A while ago I finally succeeded in my seemingly endless quest for a pair of sandals which were not any of the following:

(a) Flipflops
(b) Stilettos
(c) Brightly coloured
(d) Too wide
(e) All of the above
(f) Frumpy.

For anyone who hasn't yet heard, MTV are planning to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is obviously an abomination against the universe as we know it. [This was actually the second entry, as the first was a dream.]


I am on my own at work this week until Tuesday, and - of course - today there is nobody in to give me any work.

I was going to do something resembling a party write-up yesterday, but all plans were scuppered by Feeling Like Dren (TM).

That seems to have been the theme of the weekend. [Following the subject, "Good God, but it's cold..." Indeed.]

I need to be more interesting.

Day two of photographs now on Flickr, by the way.