January 28th, 2009

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I don't ordinarily post this early, but hopefully someone might PAY ATTENTION and answer my query by the time I come back to this.

Our kitchen sink is blocked. No idea how or why or what might be down there.

In any event, WE NEED A PLUNGER.

I am calling upon the Collective Brain: where does one buy a plunger these days? (I would normally go to Woolworths, but it be dead.)


Edit, 11.55: Looks like succinct forcefulness works. :P Most comments in one go ever. ;)

Thanks for suggestions. Wilkinson was my first bet but the one in Kings Heath is a bit hit and miss with what they have in, and the decent homewares store has closed down these days, though there are a couple left. Homebase is a last resort really, as it's expensive.

Failing being able to get a plunger (or the plunger not working), Plan C (sink unblocker was Plan A; failed) is to ring the landlord or his handiman mate.

The most annoying thing? I cleaned the kitchen on Saturday and it was fine. The only thing we've even done in there since then and yesterday was Sunday lunch (nothing out of the ordinary...) and dinner on Monday, which consisted of burgers. I have no clue why it's blocked, except possibly to mock me, as I mentioned to Paul on Sunday that we needed to get a hold of some more of the stuff my mum gave me that dissolved blockages in 10 minutes...

Bah, stupid sink.
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Friends Cut.

I just did a minor friends-cut and deleted some people.

If I know you in real life and you've updated lately, you're safe. :P There were just a lot of people on there who haven't updated in years or who I just haven't clicked with.

Such being the case, the majority of those cut probably won't even realise.
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Kitchen Sink Update

I managed to get a plunger at the pound shop in town on the way to the bus stop.

Plunger plan foiled by my sink having a major design flaw. The draining board's overflow connects to the main pipe, so every plunge of the plunger merely pushed water onto the draining boad. It definitely shifted some muck out of there, but hasn't helped otherwise. The plunger's seal also isn't very good to start with (that's what I get for buying cheap junk) so it keeps bubbling back after I push it down.

I decanted the water from the sink (using a selection of bowls and jugs and then a sponge) and tried again with the plunger. Still no joy.

Mr Muscle unblocker has done nothing except make the entire kitchen stink of chlorine, so I've opened the window in there and shut the door.

Looks like we're taking the pipes apart, then.

Edit, 17.56: Oh no we're not!

I had another go when the chlorine-y smell had dissipated a bit, this time blocking the draining board's overflow with a sponge, and the plunging finally worked.

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