January 30th, 2009

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Work Humour

It's a known fact that office humour is never funny outside of the office, for the simple reason that at the point it happens it's usually as a result of stress or tedium. That being said, however, I have to share these two things from this week.

The first was on Monday or Tuesday (can't remember which) when I'd gone upstairs to warm up my coffee in the microwave and ran into Peter making himself some tea. He mentioned that all the spoons had disappeared - we had a very large collection of the red plastic spoons from Pret, but they'd all disappeared. In explaining where they'd all come from, apparently it transpired that Rob was taking handfuls whenever he was in there - they may well be free, but Pret probably didn't anticipate the amount that Rob's taking.

He described him as the "Spoon Baron of Birmingham", and then followed this up with: "It comes to something when you have to make your tea with a fork."

Well, I found it funny. :P

Today's amusement should not be as funny as it is... I came in this morning and Alison asked me what the group email addresses were so she could send an Angry E-mail, as someone had stolen one of her two remaining slices of bread and left the other one to go stale, thus depriving her of breakfast.

By the time she was sending the e-mail I think she'd mellowed somewhat and laughing about it... In any event, the Food Thief strikes again. It's kind of ridiculous that in an office full of apparent grown-ups, someone is still resorting to stealing food out of the cupboards and fridge. Short of labelling everything, I don't know what else we can do. It was funny more for the BREDS R SRS BIZNIZ than anything else.

Thank goodness it's Friday. I'm actually not as tired today as I have been for the rest of the week, so that's something. My cough / sore throat is coming and going, though the gargly stuff does seem to work in stopping the pain. At least I can sing again, so should be able to do the performance on 10th February at the ICC. The only annoying thing is my eyes keep getting very 'gunged up' when I'm tired, making my vision all blurry. I had this over Christmas too, so hopefully it'll go away again.

Should be a quiet weekend, I think. Paul isn't working this week, and we're seeing herringprincess on Sunday for lunch so she can hand over our Christmas presents. Hopefully I'll find some time to watch the X-Files first movie and then can move on to season 6. SO MANY favourite episodes: "Triangle" (technically brilliant as well as OMGshippy), "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas", "Arcadia"... possibly a few more I've forgotten. I think maybe also "Millennium", though that might be season 7, I forget.

Last night I made a lasagne. Possibly my best lasagne ever. The only cheaty thing in there is the white sauce, which is a Bisto one, as I can't make white sauce. (Yet still not quite as cheaty as buying the jarred stuff.) I discovered a neat trick whilst making it wherein before I put in the layers of pasta, I brushed them on both sides with water. I've often found when I've made one before that there just isn't quite enough moisture in the filling to cook the pasta properly, but the water solved my problem, and avoided the cumbersome process of cooking it before I started. :)

Also, yesterday at work was boring for the majority of the afternoon, so I sat down and looked at my POTO fic again, and managed 1000 new words. :) If I can get it finished at some point I may start posting it somewhere, assuming I can ever get the first chapter right. I started the fic some time ago and the first chapter still feels a bit... out of practice. I keep tweaking it, but I might just re-write it.

I was also randomly re-inspired the other night for a bit of "Sweet Intoxication", though then didn't have chance to attempt to write it. I desperately need to finish that story. In fact, I think I will try and do so before posting the new one, as some manner of incentive. And GAH, don't get me started on "Strange Glue" (the UB-fic). I really do need to update that one, but I'm a bit under-inspired. Hopefully when the series comes back I can get back into the flow of it...

Okay, I'm going to stop writing this entry now, because otherwise it'll never end. If yesterday was about Phantom, today will be about Jonathan Creek. Not that I have anywhere to share that one, of course. *sigh*