February 9th, 2009

MH - Worshipped & Adored by Many

X-Post: Five

I've watched quite a few since the last post, so this will be LONG.

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Next, that sci-fi staple, the body swap. Collapse )

The next episode is "Terms of Endearment", which is mostly unremarkable but gets bonus points for guest starring Bruce Campbell as the Devil. :D

Next, another favourite. Collapse )

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Aside from all of those, there's also been "Tithonus" and "SR-819", also quite enjoyable. Next up is the two parter, "Two Fathers" / "One Son", and then "Arcadia" - watch this space. :D

I should warn you in advance, however, that when I finally get to the very last episode, my reactions are not likely to be coherent. I caught a clip of the final scene of "The Truth" in a fanvid on YouTube on Friday night, and literally burst into tears. I'd forgotten how perfect the ending was, at least in terms of the MSR, so yeah. Be warned. :)