February 16th, 2009

JC - cockroach OTP - J/M

An Intriguing Observation

Paul and I finished series 1 of Jonathan Creek last night, and I realised for the first time that Adam Klaus (as played by Stuart Milligan) doesn't actually appear in person after the pilot episode, where he's played, amusingly, by Anthony Stewart Head. He is mentioned in passing - at one point he's meant to be in Vegas - but is never seen.

Also, "House of Monkeys" is still my favourite episode. Not just because I'm that predictable, but because the Stranges' son is an absolutely brilliant character.

Other than that, the weekend has been pleasant. We went out for breakfast on Saturday due to a lack of breakfast-like food in the fridge, then Paul got his hair cut. Of the evening we went out for a meal at La Fibule in Moseley, which was very nice indeed.

For starters, Paul had the salmon / prawn concoction which I was going to have (glad I didn't as the salmon was raw) and I had the koftas wrapped in aubergine - another vegetable to cross off the list. Strange flavour, quite bitter.

For mains, Paul had the monkfish, which turned out to be a fish curry of sorts (very nice) and I had the "Poulet Khaddra", which was very similar to my mushroom&gorgonzola thing except that the chicken was rolled and stuffed with spinach and cheese, and the sauce was thicker. Delicious. I shall attempt to make it at home. ;) We shared some sauted potatoes on the side. Neither of us managed to finish our meals as there was so much food, but I had a valiant attempt nonetheless...

On getting home, we rented The Mist from On Demand (most depressing ending EVAR) and finally went to bed around 2.00am, I think. I had a Mist-like dream but can't remember much of it now.

Nothing much else to report, really. I'm about to run out of work in about 10 minutes - hurrah.