March 7th, 2009

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Deary Me...

Falling back into fandom with a massive crash has its advantages; I'm not quite sure if bizarre dreams are one of them.

I had a dream about Sunset Boulevard. At least, I think I did. Eddie Izzard turned up at one point in a blue suit, but that might have been a different section. There was also a really bizarre bit just before I woke up that I can't properly remember.

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Hm, I should make a start on some of the SB-related stuff I wanted to get done today: make a new LJ layout when I find a theme to modify from someone, and scan the old tour brochure for that purpose. I need more SB icons, especially of the N/J persuasion, though I fear it may result in messy image manips.

Watch this space.
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Book Meme

Only I would procrasinate about doing things I would ENJOY. I think I'm dreading the re-layouting, to be honest. ;)

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This reminds me, Paul keeps hassling me to read Watchmen because he won't see the film on his own. Suppose I ought to attempt that today, too.