March 9th, 2009

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A Weekend of Fandom Enjoyment

That was quite pleasant. Paul was working silly shifts this weekend (2 til 10 both days) so I basically had the weekend (and the computer!) to myself. Despite that, I was even marginally productive - cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, planted the kitchen herb garden pot, and got some bits of shopping on the Sunday.

Of course, the rest of it was spent on the PC. ;)

I've spent most of the weekend indulging unashamedly in Sunset Boulevard fandom, basically - re-reading old fic, e-mail tennises with sweeterthing and Jenny (from Georgia) about SB fic and introspection, and chatting to Eni on YIM after scanning the old UK tour brochure. Which reminds me, I must scan the APR libretto pictures, too.

Sunday was mostly spent working on my new layout, which I'm still not entirely happy with... haven't even attempted to code it yet. I was going to use the 'Expressive' layout but the CSS looks really bloody complicated, and I'm somewhat out of practice, but I think I can achieve the same effect using 'Bloggish' - i.e. a background and a header banner. I have the background sorted, but need to work on the banner. As ever, these things look so much more impressive in my head, and would be a lot easier if I could draw. My Google image hunt was less than fruitful, to say the least, though I did have a second option for the picture that I might try... :P

As a result of re-reading the e-mail tennises with Jenny, I was randomly reinspired last night to make a start on our SB / Breakfast at Tiffany's crossover, the unoriginally titled "Sunset at Tiffany's". I think that was actually going to be the real title, too, but I might come up with something else... This was the thing which was going to have four different endings because we couldn't decide which one we preferred. I imagine Mr Capote is turning in his grave, but probably no more than Mr Wilder is. ;)

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I absolutely cannot find words to express how glad I am that I got to see the London production of Sunset. It is a fandom that is very high on the list of favourites, and I can't believe I fell out of it. I felt so ALIVE on 28th February; I've not enjoyed a show like that since... I can't remember. The Woman in White, probably, as after that point things started to go downhill. Before seeing SB again I was almost about to give up on writing completely (as a result of too many issues to mention), but it has reinspired me to the point of absolute ridiculousness - for fanfic, for icons, for thought-provoking discussion, for general creativity. I can't explain why, and I don't want to analyse it. There's just something about the story which has always captured my imagination and never let go, and somehow, I'd forgotten that.

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Meh. Sorry, this started out as a positive post. In any case, many many thanks to Eni for putting up with my inane messenger ramblings of late...

Anyway, in other news, this month is horrendous for birthdays and events, including Mother's Day. And then in April its our anniversary (four years!), and hopefully after that I should have some money. I say this every year, of course. One year it might be true. :P

Right. It is now lunchtime, so I shall post this and have my sandwich.