March 10th, 2009

Christine - pity


Well, that olive branch was obviously too subtle, or I'm slipping off the radar. Though to be honest, after having to sit through inane rambling and/or pathetic whinging for the past few months, I can fully understand why my journal is of absolutely no interest to anyone.

Perhaps if I were less subtle and more outspoken about things which were bothering me, I might get somewhere. But I also might alienate the lot of you.

Can't win either way, can I?

Addendum, 16.47: The thing is, paranoia is like a virus. It starts small and then spreads to the other bits of your brain. So now I'm wondering, after re-reading old e-mails and old comments, if in fact I was just being humoured in my ramblings and there was no real connection there at all. My purpose was initially to offer a service, after all, and friendship was a nice bonus. I never wanted to end up inside one of those banal friendships where the only contact is Christmas cards, and yet...

Gah. Why can't I just let things go for once?