March 19th, 2009

SB - Norma - broken

Another Sleepless Night...

...and another entry which will probably break Eni's higher brain functions (hence the icon, obviously).

It's kind of odd. I'm falling behind on my journal re-tagging, but at the moment it's as though the "fandom" tags are battling each other for supremacy. SB is winning at the moment, but Farscape is a contender for second place because I've tagged the first year or so of the LJ... Strange how our fandom habits are so cyclic. When I get to 2003 the Buffy tags will grow in number... and also, when it's all done, we get to see which 'celebrity' on my list I geek over more often. I did a bit of a re-read last night and there's a pretty strong leader at the moment - three guesses who . ;)

Finished series 2 of Jonathan Creek last night with "Mother Redcap", another favourite. Actually, I just like series 2 in general. Collapse )

I pottered about online for a bit after that, not really doing much. It was a bit cold last night so I wasn't very inclined to type stuff. Went to bed at 11.00pm and then started to re-write the first chapter of the SB/BaT fic to make more sense of it, now that I've separated out the prologue elements. Didn't get very far, as re-writing by hand takes longer than typing, so gave up after half an hour or so. I still haven't got to the point I wanted, but for now I'm enjoying the brainstorming. Collapse )

I kind of have this... horrible suspicion that my brain will overcome the SB and JC overload by attempting some kind of awful crossover, which would not only be completely impossible, but wrong on so many infinite levels of wrongness. They are both too complex to even attempt to join together, and the result would be some kind of horrifying chimera. Not to mention that the characters would be completely incompatible, and I'm stopping now.

I'm sure I had more I was going to say when this stuff was trampling through my head last night, but as usual it's fallen out of my ears this morning. I am also suffering caffeine withdrawal (slight headache) because I've managed to fall into a habit of one cup of mocha a day, and it's bad for me. So, as much as I am tired this morning, it's at least vaguely worth it for the creative productivity...

The network is as slow as a slow thing today, and there's also very little work. In any event, it's nearly lunchtime, so I'll post this and find something to do for half an hour.