March 20th, 2009

Edward - butterfly

More fandom stuff, sorry...

There's not much to do here (again!) so be warned in advance that this will probably be long... again. Sorry, I seem to be in a particularly superfluous mood lately.

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Yesterday afternoon I finally finished Chapter Three of the JC-fic, which is now officially titled "A Lot to Answer For". It needs going over again but at least it's done. Damn these characters who never talk to each other properly. :P I think I need to put together some kind of actual chapter plan for this story before it runs away of its own volition.

Might be a busy weekend - Paul is working Saturday and I have to go into Moseley to get a funky Mother's Day card, and then it's Paul's turn to cook the Mother's Day Lunch on Sunday. Must also get flowers to put on the table, tidy up so the place looks presentable - I mean, I'm sure they KNOW we're lazy slobs, but it's nice to keep up appearances (:P) - and figure out what to get as a present... which I should probably do tonight, actually. Hm, trip to the Pier, maybe.

I need to get my hair cut, but as I'm manning the typing on my own until April it's been quite difficult to get away early. Excellent for flex, obviously, but somewhat knackering.

Anyway. At some point I promise to write an entry which isn't about Sunset Boulevard or Jonathan Creek. Or X-Files for that matter. :P Fandom is infinitely more interesting than real life; go figure.
JC - Maddy - oops


Was just heading to the kitchen, yeah, on the tail-end of a glass hunt for the washing up. Went down the step, right ankle went over. I was actually more concerned with not breaking another glass and thankfully managed to catch onto the bannister (opposite) before I actually fell down properly, placed the glass carefully on the floor and then sort of collapsed onto the floor groaning in agony.

It's the same ankle I twisted a few years ago. It hurt like an absolute bastard for about five minutes but I seem to be able to stand on it... ish. I wrapped it up in a self-adhesive support bandage (my actual ankle bandage appears to have gone AWOL) and attempted to finish the washing up, but then started to feel sick. I mean, I consider myself to have a high pain threshold, but not when things are continually throbbing... It doesn't hurt as much as it did when I broke it (and I didn't hear it snap this time, either) but it's definitely a weak spot and I'm not taking any chances.

I did the bandage again a bit lighter and will sit quietly for the rest of the evening. If it's still bad tomorrow I'll just have to go to A&E. As much as a week off work would be appreciated, it's taken this long for the foot to sort itself out from last time. And, you know, I have shitloads of stuff to do tomorrow so this is incredbly bloody inconvenient.

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